Ray J Blasts Bobby V, Pleasure P, & Sammie For Taking Over His Verzuz Performance 

Ray J admitted he “missed a few notes” during his performance of “One Wish” at the Omarion and Mario Verzuz clash.

Ray J had a mini-meltdown onstage during the Verzuz showdown between Omarion and Mario on Thursday night (Jun. 23). 

The “I Hit It First” singer was a special guest for the night, on a team with Bobby V. The pair were taking on fellow R&B stars Pleasure P & Sammie ahead of the main event. 

There was a little tension in the air as Ray J took to the stage to perform one of his biggest hits, “One Wish.” Before he began, Ray J warned his opponents not to step on his toes. “If you singing on my s### fam, it’s gon’ be a problem,” he told the others. “I will never sing when you sing, I’m a soloist,” replied Sammie before telling him how much he loves the song. 

Nonetheless, Ray J began singing, although it appears he didn’t warm his voice up beforehand, clearly having trouble with some of the high notes. He even brought out his baby during the song, holding him in his arms as he crooned. “My wife don’t want no randoms watching the kids,” he explained. 

However, after struggling with the song his frustrations soon began to show. As the track came to an end, Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie all began harmonizing with Ray J. The singer-turned-entrepreneur abruptly stopped singing and allowed them to continue alone. “What happened to me?” he questioned as they finished singing. “Wait, I’m not in the group?” he asked. 

He also apologized for missing “a few notes,” as he was holding his son. “Imma make up for that one, I heard it too,” he admitted. 

Ray J Vents His Frustrations

As the show progressed, it became clear Ray J was not over it and was still frustrated. After several more songs, he returned. “Imma keep it all the way real,” he began. “I been having fun with y’all n##### but y’all all been interrupting my songs, singing the songs, singing the harmonies. I start again acapella to try to serenade Princess and y’all go “One Wish,” again. Like damn, just let me get one off,” he said. 

He then addressed the audience, explaining that fans had been waiting for him to sing “One Wish,” since the Verzuz announcement. “All y’all n##### just mad because y’all don’t own y’all hits,” he added before the performers all began arguing about who owns their masters.  Check out the clip below.

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