Ray J Offers To Start A Basketball League For Trans Athletes

Ray J

Comments by Boosie Badazz sparked Ray’s idea.

William “Ray J” Norwood Jr. is going all-in for his support of the LGBTQ+ community. The entertainer/entrepreneur even suggested starting up a special sports league.

The conversation involving Ray J began when Baton Rouge-raised rapper Boosie Badazz complained about transgender women competing in athletic competitions against cisgender women. Boosie shared his thoughts about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas during an interview with VladTV.

“I don’t like when people f### over women like that. Women already don’t get paid what a n#### gets paid,” stated Boosie. He added, “I told you it’s going to go to the basketball next. You’re gonna have a 7’2″ m########### like [Shaquille O’Neal] and he’s gonna turn woman, Juwanna Man.”

Boosie Badazz has been an outspoken critic of openly gay rapper Lil Nas X. At one point, Boosie even referred to Lil Nas X as a “f#####” and suggested the “Old Town Road” hitmaker should take his own life.

Hollywood Unlocked posted a clip of Boosie’s comments about Lia Thomas on the outlet’s Instagram page. Ray J then jumped into the HU comment section to offer his thoughts on the situation.

“Let’s start a new league! I’ll put up some [money],” wrote Ray J on Instagram. Replies to his proposal ranged from an appreciation for the focus on trans athletes to accusations that Ray is gay or bisexual.

This is not the first time Ray J publicly backed LGBTQ+ causes. In celebration of Pride Month starting on June 1, the Love & Hip Hop reality show alum called on heterosexual men to “show more love” to homosexual men.