Ray J Rings The Alarm For New Podcast, Looking For Big Buyers

You knew it was coming … but are you ready?

Singer, actor, mogul, reality star, influencer, and now podcaster?

One of the most entertaining individuals in the world said he is about to do a podcast, stating that the new greys in his Caesar haircut are a signal for him to get focused.

On Friday, Aug. 12, he took to Instagram and captioned a video, “I need a podcast or a morning show!! I got grey hairs now so I’m focused! I’m ready to settle down and work from one space station!”


“One big Office with everything in it!! Starting with a podcast! — would y’all watch it?? You can say no I won’t be hurt — I’m lit 4ever so I think it will be fun!! Talk to me – Podcast buyers hit me I’m in Atlanta,” he said.

As he peers into his cell phone video (and after he complains about his nappy chest hair), he says announces his new move.

Almost on que, emergency vehicle sirens start to ring out and Ray J says, “That’s right, ring the f###ing alarm!”

The alarm is to attract as he put is “Big Podcast Buyers.”

He said he wanted to get the podcast deal “like today.”

According to Ray J, there were 2 or 3 people he wanted to link with, selling himself by saying, “All I know how to do is bring the numbers and bring the entertainment.”

One of those podcast buyers was Charlamagne the God, who told him to holler at him about his network.