Ray Rice Hopes A NFL Team Gives Him A Second Chance


Yesterday (Dec. 1) Janay Rice sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today show and spoke about what her life has been like since the infamous elevator footage of her and her now-husband Ray Rice was released. Today (Dec.2), Ray Rice told his side of the story.

He talked about the press conference that he and his wife did after the first video was released and said it didn’t go well and he didn’t apologize to Janay because they were nervous and still “under legal situations” so they couldn’t say much.

“I made a horrendous mistake not apologizing to my wife,” said ex-Ravens star. “We were given what to speak about. It wasn’t truly coming from us, if you can understand, but I made that clear in my last time I was able to speak that my wife is an angel. She can do no wrong. I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Ray Rice was reinstated back into the NFL last week and is now eligible to be picked up by a new team. Rice says that he is hoping that a new team can look past this incident and look at the way he handled the situation.

“They would have to be willing to, you know, look deeper into who I am and realize that me and my wife had one bad night, and I took full responsibility for it. One thing about my punishment and everything going along with anything that happened is that I’ve accepted it. I went fully forward with it. I never complained, or I never did anything like that. I took full responsibility for everything that I did, and the only thing I can hope for and wish for is a second chance.”

Janay Rice’s dad, Joe Palmer, also sat down and spoke to Lauer and discussed his reaction to see his daughter assaulted and dragged by her then-fiancee.

“I was ready to come down and speak to him man to man and find out what was going on. I had to sit back and relax because as soon as you make a hasty decision it always ends up a bad decision.”

Watch the two interviews below.

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