Raz B Floored By Punch To The Face On ‘Bad Boys Texas’ Episode 

Raz B

Raz B got the smoke he was looking for and then some when he was decked in the face after shouting, “I want smoke with everybody.”

Raz B wound up laid out on the canvas after asking for smoke on a new episode of Bad Boys Texas

The B2K member was a Top. 10 trending topic on Twitter Sunday (Jun. 18) after footage of Raz B getting punched in the face hit the net. In a clip from the Zeus Network series, the singer walked into a studio announcing to his fellow Bad Boys cast that he’s with all the smoke.  

“So I’m walking into the studio, which I probably shouldn’t have even went to the studio because I was still turnt up,” Raz B admitted in a confessional. In the clip, the singer can be seen climbing the stairs while shouting threats. He entered the room, greeting his castmates with the warning, “I want smoke with everybody. What’s up?” 

He continued ranting as he approached the others but was quickly stopped in his tracks. “I ain’t afraid of nobody. You, none of you n#####,” Raz B can be heard saying before a fist comes flying his way.  

Twitter users attributed the punch to Bad Boys Texas alum Jonathan Wright. Check out the clip below. 

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Raz B And Orlando Brown Hated Argument

Meanwhile, the “Bump, Bump, Bump” hitmaker and Jonathan exchanged words in another scene from the episode. The hairstylist intervened after Raz B got into a heated argument with Orlando Brown, with the pair claiming gang ties. 

“It’s been a lot going on on tour,” Raz B explained. “Things that I probably normally wouldn’t say, I’m saying them today.” 

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Both incidents sparked fresh concern from fans worried about his mental health. Last month, the B2K member was placed on a 72-hour hold by Kansas City police after the singer climbed onto a Kansas City hospital roof. Police negotiators coaxed him down from the roof ledge, and he was treated by medical staff.