READ: Diddy Pays Tribute To Late Bad Boy Rapper Black Rob

diddy and black rob

Sean “Diddy” Combs offered up a tribute to Black Rob, one of the more popular artists on his label, who died suddenly on April 17th.

Bad Boy founder Sean Combs has posted his reflections on the death of Black Rob on Instagram.

The text of the heartfelt tribute spoke to the “Whoa” rapper’s ability to make music that made people feel good. The photograph spoke to their relationship as New Yorkers and the brotherhood that they developed when he became the new voice of Bad Boy in the early 2000s.

He wrote, “💔 Rest in power King @therealblackrob ! As I listen to your records today there’s one thing that they all have in common! You have made millions of people all over the world feel good and dance! You are one of a kind! GOD BLESS! 🙏🏿 Love. 🖤💫✨ You will be truly missed!!!! 💔”

Many thought that his words were not enough, implying that Diddy could have waxed poetics over the loss of one of his gunners— making his empire relevant after the death of The Notorious B.I.G.

Others considered the brevity of the caption and believed that the man behind so many of Hip-Hop’s greatest talents only cares about money and not artists that he put on.

Twitter profile Fifth Pyror stated, “Diddy is gonna be raking up a lot of money from let’s get it and whoa. And that’s all he cares about. His publicist or 50 baby moms probably typed that for him.. RIP Black Rob #RIPBlackRob #hiphop #BlackTwitter #comedy”

@eliteblackguy posted, “Diddy gave black Rob a 10 album 450K deal when he first signed Diddy really a snake.”

“Diddy deserves to never know know peace another day of his life for the way he’s treated his artists,” tweeted DP’s by Moderna (@angryblkhoemo)

“come in my mentions saying we don’t know what Diddy did for Black Rob and ima block you. no reason why he should’ve had a GFM in the first place if Diddy was doing all that you guys believe,” @caliohorniaqing stated.

And after Revolt posted a tribute, people jumped in the comments with reprimand there too.

“Diddy should’ve reached out and helped the second his clip went up a week ago. This the exploitation they try to hide from the people acting like there are moral ways to get to a billion dollars. Nah black billionaires are as ruthless as the white ones.”

Former Bad Boy employee Mark K. Curry said that despite the issues that the two once had, which have tastefully not been disclosed publicly, Diddy did reach out before Rob transitioned … even if it might have been too late.

There are no words on tributes or funeral arrangements and/ or if Diddy will be reaching out to the family to help.