Redman Explains Why The 1990’s Era Of Hip Hop Was The Best Era (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Not too long ago, Vince Staples questioned why 1990’s Hip Hop is considered the Golden Era. A rap veteran from the time has an answer for the 22-year-old California spitter. Redman recently spoke with WatchLoud about the decade many consider the greatest in Hip Hop history.

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“I think the 90’s era was the most pivotal era of this Hip Hop culture. For the reason why? We’re the middle babies. You got the eras before us and you got the era now,” said Red. “So where did that leave us? In the middle, and everybody knows that middle kid is always f*cking spoiled, always thinks he’s the best.”

Redman then discussed how Hip Hop crossed over into popular culture and the business section in the 90’s. According to the Mudface album creator, that helped launch Hip Hop into a global phenomenon.

“It was the era where we were branching Hip Hop over to the commercial scene. When we had it, it was large. We elevated that b*tch,” added Red. “Burger King started using Hip Hop. All the heavy hitter brand names started adding elements of Hip Hop to be the cool guys on the block with their brand. Our era brought that over to make it a universal language.”

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Watch Redman’s interview below.