Redman Joins Method Man In 50 Cent’s Show “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Method Man and Redman

Redman jumps into the acting game with a new role in “Power Book II: Ghost.”

During a recent interview, Redman told AllHipHop that he was not going to act anytime soon — and was focusing on working behind the camera.

However, news has just dropped via social media that Reggie Noble, Hip-Hop’s Funk Doctor Spock, will be joining his partner in crime, Method Man on the next season of “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Get this … Redman will be playing Theo Rollins, Davis Maclean’s (Method Man) older brother.

In a video on the show’s Twitter, Method man is beaming as she shares the news.

“What’s up, this is Method Man and I am on the set of Ghost season 2 – Power book 2, season 2 – and guess who I’m shooting a scene with today,” Johnny Blaze reveals.

A wicked laugh comes through … and we see Newark’s own.

“That’s right, Funk Doc is on the scene!” he shared.

“Yes sir,” Redman added. “I’m playing his bro on Ghost Power: Book II, and it’s going to be fire!”

Fans will be delighted as the two have acted together in a cult classic movie, “How High.”

They also have over 20 years of musical collaborations that recently were celebrated during a VERZUZ competition on Monday, April 19th.

The character description of Theo Rollins has been released and he seems to be as crooked as Davis Maclean.

“Theo Rollins used to run the streets with his little brother, Davis MacLean. But now, they sit on opposite sides of the law with Theo serving an extensive prison term, and Davis, off his win in the Tasha St. Patrick case, now the biggest defense attorney in New York City. They both know, had the past played out differently, Davis could be locked up alongside his big brother, but Theo questions if the guilt’s enough for Davis to keep his promise.”

Redman has also been getting busy with new music. He just dropped “80 Barz.”