Redman Reveals He’s Officially A Licensed Skydiver: “I’m Wilding In The Skies” 


After training all year long, Redman announced he is now officially a qualified skydiver after 27 jumps.

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane,” or is it newly licensed skydiver Redman? 

Redman has been a fan of the extreme sport for decades but recently took things up a notch. At the beginning of the year, he set himself a challenge to become a qualified skydiver. 

After many months of soaring high in the sky and 27 jumps later, Redman achieved his goal. He took to Instagram on Tuesday evening (Sept. 6) to share his achievement with a video montage featuring some of his jumps. The clip begins with the “How High” rapper somersaulting out of an aircraft into the open sky. He’s seen performing several aerial maneuvers, even giving his instructor a high five mid-jump, all while thousands of feet up in the air.  

“I worked HARD for this !!,” Redman penned in the caption. “27 JUMPS and Studied Hard for my Written Exam and Passed TODAY !! I’m an OFFICIAL A LICENSED SKYDIVER. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏”  

He continued: “I’m WILDING IN THE SKIES,” before thanking the team at Skydive Spaceland Houston.

Several of his peers took to the comments to congratulate him, including Ja Rule, who revealed he was also going for the feat. 

“Dope,” he replied, adding, “I got 23 jumps to go lol… congrats 🌊.” Redman was fully in support, responding, “Aye Les Go My Bro !!” 

Redman Skydiving in 1997

The Newark, New Jersey native began his journey in the skies, back in the 1990s. In 1997, he went skydiving with XXL for their second-ever issue. 

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Redman also shared a clip of one of his skydiving buddies performing some stunts to the soundtrack of his new single. Check out the video for “So Cool” below.

Redman released “So Cool” this summer, beginning the rollout for the long-awaited sequel to his 1996 solo album Muddy Waters. The single serves as the lead track for Muddy Waters 2

Fans have been anticipating the project for 15 years. Redman told way back in 2007 that the album was on the way. “I’m getting back into [the studio] with Muddy Waters 2,” he revealed. “I already did two songs for it.”