Remy Ma Announces Her Return To Battle Rap As An Emcee

The Villains could be one of the craziest two-on-two couples in the culture.

On Saturday, April 1, Remy Ma announced “The GOAT Card” on June 3, 2023, at Sony Hall in New York City.

The drop came as an April’s Fool joke with her taunting her friend and little sister, Ms. Hustle.

She tweeted, “Aye @MSHUSTLE1271 don’t “retire” just yet😈… let’s see whose really The Villain!😎#AllThatSisterShitOutTheWindow #TheBiggestBully  #TheresNoPlaceLikeChrome”

“Holla at ME?🧐… everybody know they gotta watch they tone and talk to me nice…or else #TheREALvillain”

“I learned it all from u , u never taught me to watch my tone 😏… only tone imma do is BLACK 😈 #yearofthevillain,” Hustle responded.

Hustle, the Harlem native with the villain crown, has said she was retiring after her Loso battle at John John Da Don’s Pendemic in Atlanta on Saturday, April 15. However, that might not be the case.

According to a follow-up tweet the next day, Remy gave clarity and shared what her plans really were with the recognized “Face of Chrome.”

“Ok, lil sis,  it’s after midnight…let’s stop playing and figure out who our Opps for this 2 on 2😈 @MSHUSTLE1271 & @RealRemyMa versus who🧐 #Chrome23”

The Villains might be the biggest two-on-two duo ever created in the culture.

The battle most fans want to see them go after is The Villains vs. Shooneral. However, many would settle to see The Bardashians take the stage.

Either way, already, Hustle’s strength of schedule in 2023 is bonkers and she is set to WOTY. Shooney, Loso, and now Remy Ma— it will be hard to deny her.

Hustle is also known as the “The First Lady of URL,” and is scheduled to battle Casey Jay on the Ultimate Rap League. No date for that battle has been set.

Remy Ma has not battled in about two decades. Many remember her legendary two battles against Lady Luck on MTV’s Fight Klub.