Republicans In Michigan Want Kid Rock For Senator


(AllHipHop News)Republicans in Michigan are looking to add some star power to Congress.

Last week, Kid Rock’s name was considered as a potential Republican contender for Democrat Debbie Setschenow’s Senate seat next year.

According to, Kid Rock’s name was suggested during the Michigan Republican Party Convention last weekend.

Kid Rock, who has extended his support to a number of Republicans, including current President Donald Trump, also has no problems supporting the Confederate Flag.

In 2015, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s Michigan chapter protested the rapper outside of the Detroit Historical Museum, where there was an exhibit at the museum, featuring Kid Rock.

Al Sharpton’s local chapter wanted the museum to stop displaying the Confederate Flag in the Kid Rock exhibit.

The rapper had a simple answer to the controversy, which came shortly after South Carolina removed the Confederate Flag from the State House after Dylann Roof massacred nine people inside of a church.

“Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass/ask me some questions,” Kid Rock said in a statement.

It has not been confirmed if Kid Rock is going to run for Senate in 2018.