Rich Boy Gets Arrested And Sparks Concern

Rich Boy

People are wondering about Rich Boy’s mental health after a shocking incident which led to his arrest. Read more.

Rapper Rich Boy, the Mobile, AL who put out “Throw Some D’s,” was locked up in jail over the first weekend in October.

However, while local law enforcement has the artist, whose real name is Marece Benjamin Richards, incarcerated, many in the community are concerned about his mental health, according to

Jail logs report that he was booked on Friday, Sept. 30 on two third-degree domestic violence charges (harassment and assault).

According to reports, he got into a fight with his own parents.

A video of the confrontation shows him looking unkept, making people suspect something crazy is going on.

Elric Jerel Simon said, “It’s crazy … when you up [people] be quiet as a mouse. But any sign of you being down or in a different space, your name is going to ring like a church bell. Prayers up and love to my bro Rich.”

After he was arrested, rapper Bianca Clarke posted on social media, saying, “Sending love to our hometown hero!”

Another fan wrote, “I love Rich Boy! He was always so nice when he came to visit LeFlore my freshman year and when he came in to eat at Wintzells. I pray that he gets the help he needs. There’s nothing funny about it.”

The artist has had a history of troubled times with the law dating back to 2005, a year after his hit song “Throw Some D’s” made the top ten on Billboard.