Rich Homie Quan Disses Roddy Ricch; Airs Grievances Over Being Cut From DJ Drama Song

Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan claimed he was removed from DJ Drama’s song “FMFU” at the request of Roddy Ricch.

Rich Homie Quan blamed Roddy Ricch for the Atlanta-bred rapper’s removal from DJ Drama’s “FMFU” song.

“FMFU” featuring Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Roddy Ricch appeared on DJ Drama’s latest album I’m Really Like That, which dropped on March 31. Rich Homie Quan said he recorded a verse for the song in November but was told Roddy Ricch didn’t want the former Rich Gang member on the track.

“They say, ‘Well Quan you know I ain’t trying to start no industry s### – Roddy Ricch wanted you off the song,’” Rich Homie Quan recalled in an Instagram video. “Man, I ain’t even met Roddy! I ain’t never met Roddy! I ain’t even know he felt some type of way about me.”

He continued, “But if he do, since he do – man, Roddy got that ‘Box’ song. I bet his catalog can’t f### with mine on nan’ day. And that’s on all the money he got in the bank … I’ll put $10 million to his $1 million. His catalog can’t f### with mine.”

Rich Homie Quan wished someone would’ve reached out to let him know he wasn’t going to be on the song. He directed most of his frustration at Roddy Ricch, disparaging the Atlantic Records artist in the social media rant.

“Roddy, since you wanted me off the song, man, s###, I’ll go back and forth: catalog [vs.] catalog,” he declared. “You ain’t got nothing but that ‘Box’ s### ‘cause all that other s### wack. I bet you can’t f### with me on your worst day, boy!”

Listen to Rich Homie Quan’s thoughts on “FMFU” and Roddy Ricch below.