Rich The Kid Owes Six Figures For Destroying Mansion

A judge has ordered Rich The Kid to fork over $250,000 for destroying a mansion he was renting.

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(AllHipHop News) Rich The Kid is about to be a little over a quarter mil less rich if his Los Angeles landlord has their way.

Haikuhe Chichyan is the chairman of the trust that owns the property in the lush Hollywood Hills in Southern California.

Hidden away from prying paparazzi, the mansion was occupied by one of Hip-Hop’s most flamboyant stars, Rich The Kid. (Check his name)

Reports say that the Atlanta by way of Jamaica, Queens rapper was dropping about $22,500 a month in rent for the crib that he stopped paying almost a year and a half ago, December 2018.

What kind of spot would warrant those kinds of duckets?

According to Bossip, the estate is super luxurious.

At 5,600 square feet, the house has a view of both the Hollywood sign and downtown Hollywood. It also has a total of five bedrooms, six baths, a saltwater pool, sauna and spa, 20 foot high ceilings, and the décor fit for a king.

But the lawyers for the owners suggest that not only is he back on rent, that he didn’t know how to appreciate the champagne and bubbles fabulosity that he would have people believe is his everyday lifestyle.

You know … since he is a Wilhelmina model and is alleged to be valued between $2 million to $10 million dollars.

They said that the “Plug Walk” emcee and his people destroyed the spot by allowing his dogs to crap all over the hardwood floors, and urinate on the custom duvets.

Rich also loved to smoke weed in the crib, leaving blunt guts everywhere, even though he signed a contract where he acknowledged he would be living within an occupancy with a no-smoking policy.

It is also alleged he broke a bunch of stuff too.

Last week, an LA judge issued a default judgment against the rapper, and he and Chichyan’s lawyers will go back to court in July.