Rich The Kid Walks Off DJ Akademiks Podcast

Rich The Kid appeared on DJ Akademik’s “Off the Record” podcast earlier this week but the conversation was cut short.

DJ Akademiks is well known for his drama-inducing controversial content and this interview was no exception. Rich the Kid looked visibly uncomfortable from the outset while Ak seemed determined to keep him that way, repeatedly driving the conversation to awkward subjects that Rich wasn’t down to talk about.  

“I like to promote my artists, my label, my albums, my music, my merchandise,” Rich said from the jump, already frustrated at the direction the interview was headed. “I got a skateboard that just dropped, did you see that?  

Ak dismissively tells him, “We’re gonna talk about that. When I get into the skateboarding segment don’t worry.” He continued to venture into topics Rich doesn’t want to talk about like his issues with Interscope asking, “Why are you calling out Interscope if you were a boss.” 

Saying he has to ask the questions people want answered Akademiks asked him about his friendship with NBA YoungBoy who’s currently incarcerated, and went on about how much love YoungBoy has for him.  

DJ Akademiks then changed tack and briefly plugged Rich’s upcoming album. “That’s the promotion aspect right, we’ll keep going,” but moved swiftly on saying, ”These are the questions I really got and if you don’t want to answer, it’s cool.” 

Rich, clearly uncomfortable, laughed nervously and began mockingly wrapping up the show in an attempt to divert the conversation to safer territory. Undeterred, Ak continued, “On a serious note, I see s### like home invasion and this, that and the third, are you good?” At this point, Rich had had enough and walked off set. “Come back, Rich! Come back. He stepped out but we’ll get him back on. Ay, listen, I’m gonna ask everything that gotta be asked,” he said with a smug look on his face. 

The controversial media personality may not have got the answers he was looking for but no doubt he was still content with the outcome.  

Rich The Kid announced yesterday (September 23) via his Instagram page that he has a joint project with Lil Wayne. The project, titled “Trust Fund Babies” is set to drop on October 1.

The first much-talked-about episode of DJ Akademik’s podcast featured Wack 100 and Tekashi69. Mysonne was one of the many who were vocal on the situation. He called out Wack for being a Blood gang member sitting down with someone who publicly snitched on the Bloods.  

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