Rick Ross Offers $10 Million To Find Opponent For Jake Paul’s Next Boxing Match

rick ross

Rick Ross is trying to help Jake Paul following the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s failed attempts to fight Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr.

Rick Ross wants to help YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul secure an opponent for a future boxing match.

Jake Paul is looking for someone to box following his failed attempts to face Hasim Rahman Jr. and Tommy Fury. Rick Ross says he’ll provide $10 million to sweeten the offer for a potential fight.

“Since everyone seems to be afraid to fight @jakepaul I’m down to put another 10 million on top to make the right match happen,” Rick Ross wrote on Instagram. “What fight would you want to see? We talking big s### on the homie podcast so stay tuned.”

Jake Paul intends to fight again in October. He plans to compete against a professional boxer — something he’s never done before in his career.

“My next opponent will be a pro boxer and of course he will have a winning record just like Timmy and Ramen did before they pulled out,” he wrote on Twitter. “October.”

So far, Jake Paul has only fought athletes who aren’t boxers. His previous opponents include MMA fighters Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren as well as former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Jake Paul’s last boxing match took place in December 2021. With Rick Ross’ assistance, the social media star may return to the ring before the end of 2022.