Rick Ross Promises To Deliver On New Album “Richer Than I Ever Been”

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is guaranteeing his fans of classic with his upcoming 11th album. 

Rapper Rick Ross has been busy building his business empire, but he wants his fans to know that his music comes first.

Over the years, Rick Ross has evolved into a savvy entrepreneur with investments in companies like Wingstop, a telehealth medicine business called Jetdoc, and of course his signature liquor brand, Belaire. 

Over the past several months, Rick Ross has been promising fans a new album, titled Richer Than I Ever Been.

Music remains the number one priority for the “Bawse,” who is arguably at the top of his game right now. 

“I’m putting together an album For me. To me it ain’t even about paper it’s about reminding n##### of the word play I do the selection of production is unmatched it’s unparalleled with any other n####, you understand? I grew up listening to Reebie Jackson you all know who that is? Hell no n#### y’all only knew her brother [Michael].. That’s what I’m trying to tell you is details.

During an interview with Haute Living in November, Rozay explained why he decided to name the album Richer Than I Ever Been, and surprisingly, the concept for the multi-millionaires album is not just all about the benjamins.

“You have to be connected with yourself more than you ever have to be richer than you’ve ever been. Before you open up and allow someone else to love you, you have to love yourself,” Rick Ross explained.

So far, there is no release date for Richer Than I Ever Been.