‘Rick Ross Talks Business & Success

Rick Ross

Rapper shares how to be a good partner you have to suspend ego and bring something of value to the table.

Rapper and mogul Rick Ross breaks down what it takes to be successful in business at the Rap Snacks “Disrupt” 2023 Conference. From linking with the right partners to the value of bringing something to the table, the “Hustlin’” chart-topper drops jewels and AllHipHop.com was there to pick them up.

One of the many gems he gave the audience is that partnerships first start with a vibe.

“If you are a partner,” Rozay said. “You got to be someone that I respect or else it’s not going to go well. And I am one of those dudes that is going to sit at the table … and I’m going to outwork you.”

He also said ego and insecurity have no place in a partnership and will cause it to fail.

“Being a partner to me is also ‘I want to learn from you and you show me where I may be moving slower at and vice versa,” the Maybach Music executive shared.

Ross and the executives at Rap Snacks understand a little something about partnerships and have been putting out a few different versions of chips with his likeness and image on them.

Some fans can check the Rozay Cheddar, the Plain Jane or the Sweet Chili Lemon Pepper snacks, offered in a Rick Ross Music Pack that is often sold out on the website.

The Florida native said for him that when scoping out a partnership, he had to first admire it and then want to be a part of it. The biggest and most important aspect of engaging a partner, is having something to bring to the table.

Check out the video below: