Rihanna, JAY-Z Tap Into Personal Wallets For Victims Of The COVID-19

Rihanna has also collaborated with Jay-Z’s foundation Shawn Carter Foundation (SCF) for a combined donation of $2 million to COVID-19 relief.

(AllHipHop News) Over 15 years ago, Rihanna sent a song out to the world called “S.O.S.”

The song was about saving her from falling in love with a guy. It was a bat signal to the Hip-Hop world to scoop this young jawn from Barbados and change her life.

We did that. Within a few short years, she was able to change the lives of not just her family, but her friends, bring honor to her beloved island and above all build an empire for herself.

We saved her.

Now, with several multi-platinum and award-winning albums, a

spectrum-tiered fashion conglomeration, books, lucrative beauty lines, investment properties, and so many other ventures, she is in a place to answer the S.O.S. of so many who are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through her Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF), Hip-Hop’s Bad Girl has donated $5 million to the coronavirus response in the U.S., Caribbean, and Africa.

She also has donated “an undisclosed supply of personal protective equipment” to the state of New York, prompting Governor Andrew Cuomo to respond via tweet:

“I want to thank @rihanna and the Rihanna Foundation for donating Personal Protective Equipment to New York State. We’re so appreciative of your help and that of so many others who have stepped up.”

Rihanna has also collaborated with Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation (SCF) for a combined donated $2 million to COVID-19 relief.

This effort is to support New Yorkers and Los Angelenos who are elderly, undocumented, incarcerated, homeless and children of medical professionals risking their lives as front line responders and affected by the challenges presented by this deadly disease.

Part of the money in this allotment will go to advocating for free COVID-19 testing, and the support of organizations such as ACLU, New York Immigration Coalition, Mayor’s Fund for L.A. and Fund for Public Schools.

The need is great and even as this $2 million seems like a huge donation, it will be eaten up swiftly and more donations and charitable gifts will be needed.

Let’s see what other big ballers in the Hip-Hop world, who have flossed on large scales at massive billionaire brunches, will answer the distress call of their fans.

There is an S.O.S. and thank goodness Rihanna (with her over $6M) and JAY-Z (with his over $1M) have responded.