Rihanna Sparks Controversy With Black Girls Rock Honor

Congrats Rihanna! idiots Shut It!

(AllHipHop News) It should be cause for celebration, but Rihanna’s gratitude towards Black Girl Rock has caused an uproar.

The singer revealed that she would receive the “Rock Star Award” at the coveted show that honors the accomplishments of women and girls of color.

“Thank you @BlackGirlsRock for this years’ Rock Star Award!! #BlackGirlsRockBET,” Rihanna said.
The announcement has sparked a now-antiquated discussion that falls along racial lines.

Some of the opposing views said comments like “All girls rock!”

One commenter took people to task about it.

On Instagram, on person said, “why are white people getting so offended by this? I’m white and I think that this is a great message saying “black girls rock” . This isn’t racist at all because it didn’t put down another race, it just lifted one up. 😉 Lol I swear y’all need to chill.”

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