RIP: DTTX of Lighter Shade Of Brown Dies


(AllHipHop News) DTTX of the classic Mexican American Hip-Hop group Lighter Shade of Brown has died after being taken off life support today, AllHipHop has learned.

DTTX, whose real name is Bobby Ramirez, was on life support and rumored to be dead after multiple stations actually reported his death previously.

DTTX’s health plummeted on July 7 when he was found unresponsive and taken to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Las Vegas hospital and he fell into an “alcoholic coma.”

Lighter Shade of Brown is a Hip-Hop group from Riverside, CA and are known for helping to break down barriers for Hispanics in rap with 90s hits such as  “On A Sunday Afternoon” and “Latin Active.”

May he rest in peace.