Rob Kardashian Investigated For Jealous Threats Related To Blac Chyna Being Extorted


(AllHipHop News) Blac Chyna insists a leaked photo featuring herself kissing actor/singer Pilot Jones is part of an extortion scheme.

The image, which emerged online earlier this week, has caused a lot of problems for the pregnant glamor model and her fiance Rob Kardashian.

Sources told TMZ on Thursday that Rob is under criminal investigation for allegedly threatening Pilot during a jealous rage, and all the drama surrounding the alleged infidelity has hit headlines just days before Blac is due to give birth to their first child together.

But now, hours after reports emerged suggesting Rob is the subject of a Los Angeles Police Department probe, Blac has posted photos of text conversations, an email and other correspondence she had with Pilot, real name Joseph C. Jones, on her Instagram account, claiming all rumors suggesting she and the actor were once lovers are completely false.

“Ok let’s state facts!!!” she wrote in a caption. “I been quiet for too long!!! Let me start off by saying this young man Is ‘GAY’!!!”

Blac, real name Angela White, went on to explain the image of herself kissing Pilot was all a ploy.

“The only reason we took those pictures other than me trying to be a good friend was so he could send it to his boyfriend to make him like jealous & say that he’s going back to girls!” she declares. “Mind you at the time I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY FRIEND and I didn’t see a problem with it!!! This was over two years ago people!!! I never had sex with him! NEVER EVER! Nothing ever happened past these pics.”

Blac believes the picture scandal is a set up to extort her, claiming Pilot wanted her to pay him for her emoji app initiative, ChyMoji, even though he had nothing to do with the project. She also accused the up-and-coming singer of trying to land some press ahead of a song release, writing:

“But now I understand why you put these pictures out! Ohhh because you have a song with Trina you trying to get your fking name popping?!? Or are you mad at the fact that I did my Chymoji app without you dumba… Your greedy a** wanted a cut of something that wasn’t yours and u came at my lawyer asking for crazy money!!!”