Rob Kardashian Taking Blac Chyna To Court; Says She Backed Out Of Revenge P### Case Deal

Rob Kardashian claimed that he and Black Chyna had an agreement that she’s now trying to escape. Her attorney says Rob’s violating the law.

Rob Kardashian has returned to court, claiming that Blac Chyna attempted to back out of the agreement following their revenge p### dispute. However, the model and reality T.V. star said her ex-boyfriend is the one violating the agreement.  

After defeating Blac Chyna in court last month over claims Rob Kardashian and his family tried to get her reality T.V. show canceled, the pair are back in court once again.  

According to TMZ, Rob’s legal team filed new docs in court on Monday (Jun. 6), claiming Blac Chyna agreed to drop her lawsuit against him on one condition – he helps get her out of a separate suit filed by Chyna’s ex. The ex alleges both Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian outed him as gay and therefore exposed him to public threats.  

Rob says while he agreed last month to get her dropped from that case, and she would drop the revenge p### lawsuit, Chyna is now refusing to go along with it. He claims she is trying to take the matter to trial despite their agreement.  

Nonetheless, Rob Kardashian asked the judge to enforce their contract, though a trial is scheduled to begin next week. He is also seeking an emergency hearing to address the issue before then.  

Blac Chyna Says Rob Kardashian Is Violating The Law

However, Blac Chyna’s lawyer claims, “Under California law, settlement discussions are confidential. Rob Kardashian has violated California law by revealing alleged details of ongoing settlement discussions.”  

She added that Chyna is permitted “to disclose that settlement discussions regarding her revenge p### case” are ongoing. “When and if a confidential settlement is reached on this case, Chyna will alert the court first and then the media.”  

“Regarding the earlier trial in April 2022, a Los Angeles jury soundly rejected Rob’s testimony that Chyna had physically abused him. The jury found that Chyna, in fact, had not physically abused Rob.”