Roc Nation’s Legal Eagle Sues Mississippi Prison’s Healthcare Provider

Roc Nation’s lawyer is putting up a fight on behalf of inmates in Mississippi prisons with a lawsuit against the state’s prison health care provider.

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(AllHipHop News) Prisons are under siege in so many ways and now Roc Nation’s legal eagle is checking them to make sure the inmates within their walls are safe.

When you hear about Roc Nation jumping into prison reform, don’t think that it’s just a tax write off inspired by one of their most successful artists, Philadelphia’s titan Meek Mill.

Instead, know that the Jay-Z backed company is sincere about their investment and reform and the evidence of their commitment can be seen in their support of the prisoners in Mississippi’s infamous Parchman Penitentiary.

Earlier this year, Roc Nation put the pressure on the prison after several inmates complained about the unethical living arrangements and inhumane conditions of the complex.

Riots. Deaths. Politics.

All ran rampant and when Jay-Z and other celebs blew them up in the press, average Americans thought that the governor would keep his promise and clean stuff up.

That is not the case. In fact, after the coronavirus pandemic, things have gotten worse.

Now the legal counsel that represented Roc Nation has filed a new lawsuit that blasts the prison’s healthcare provider.

According to TMZ, Alex Spiro is the lawyer on the case and he is the signature behind the filing.

They are targeting Centene, the parent company of Centurion (the healthcare provider for the jail), and challenging them to get their crap together.


Inmates, who are US citizens, are dying (and they know it). Over the last six months, almost 50 people have died and countless people have gotten sick.

In addition to Roc Nation filing this lawsuit, Spiro will go after the shareholders of Centurion.

Centene spokeswoman Marcela Hawn said in a statement, “Centurion and its board of directors are proud of the company’s history of providing outstanding and innovative health-care solutions to this vulnerable population. We look forward to sharing more about our role in the delivery of health-care to these individuals during legal proceedings.”

Spiro responded, “Over forty inmates dying in the last few months at Mississippi DOC alone is neither outstanding nor innovative. And it’s definitely nothing to be proud of.”