Romeo Miller Writes Letter About His Parents’ Divorce And Being Sued By His Mother


Watching your parents go through a bitter divorce is heartbreaking, just ask Romeo Miller. His parents, Master P and Sonya Miller, are hashing it out in the public and he has been dragged into it. His mother filed a lawsuit against him claiming that his father was using him to keep money from his label, No Limit Forever, from her. The 26-year-old took to Instagram to write a heartfelt post about this difficult experience.

“I am also going through something else, the difference is …I have to figure it out in public, which sucks,” he said. “My parents’ divorce is very public and has definitely taken a toll on us as kids. From rumors of me hiding money to my father kidnapping his kids –from day one I’ve realized that the media’s main goal is to sell a story and could care less about the well being of my family.”

Miller said this divorce has caused him and his mother to become distant.

“I haven’t spoken to my mother in months due to advice she’s taking from her lawyers,” he said. “It sucks because the only reason I’ve ever worked so hard was to make my mother proud. I’m the one in this business and I’m the one who has been least phased by it.”

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Miller said he is grateful for his successful career, but saddened by what fame has done to his family.


“As thankful and blessed as I am, sometimes I think things would be easier if I wasn’t famous,” he wrote. “Fame for me is part of my job, but I would trade it all just for my family to have happiness once again.”

Read the letter below.

We are all going thru something and I'm here to tell you, you will get thru it. My letter of #hope. ⭐️?❤️?

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