Romeo Miller Reveals Black Cop Accosted Him At Gunpoint

Romeo Miller

Romeo recalled a harrowing interview near the campus of USC in which you live pulled over at gunpoint by a cop.

The multi-hyphenate influencer Romeo was born into Hip-Hop royalty and probably has rubbed elbows with some of the world’s most elite moneymakers and celebrities.

The son of Master P, he has by his relationship to his dad, been afforded a charmed life — far away from the day-to-day stress of the ghetto.

But despite that, the now The Mix talk show host shared that his money doesn’t exempt him from being racially profiled by police.

On the recent episode, he not only talks about the trauma of being pulled over — but revealed something that KRS-One told us a long time ago. Black cops are sometimes worse than white ones.

He shared a story with his co-hosts a story about the most recent time he was profiled at UCLA.

He said, “ At UCLA, If you’re late and you get pulled over, over there, you gotta have that camera recording. ‘Cause they don’t play no games.”

“The guy pulled me over at gunpoint, a Black cop,” he continued. “He was like ‘Is this a stolen vehicle?’ I’m like ‘Bro, relax. Just come check out my registration and get my driver license.’”

The former Growing Up Hip-Hop star says that the police officer asked him, “Is this a stolen vehicle?”

Noting that when he noticed that it was the celebrity, Romeo Miller, the cop he fell back.

Romeo shared that the cop then said, “Oh, Romeo Miller! You good. I thought she was just some random Black dude.”

While he was relieved because it could have gotten ugly, he also was furious because his brothers Hercy and Mercy, who are over 6 feet tall and are not as famous (yet), could have also been hemmed up by the cops.

He finished by saying that this has happened too many times, “It is sad that were looked at threat because of the color of our skin.”

The Mix is a millennial-based series that airs on Fox Soul and is produced by Tameka “Tiny” Harris.