Rowdy Rebel Talks Bobby Shmurda Showing Up For Summer Jam 2021

Bobby Shmurda

The “Hot N####” rapper’s mom says he’s excited to get back to making music.

There have been several reports suggesting Bobby Shmurda could be home from prison as soon as this week. The GS9 representative is currently serving a seven-year sentence for conspiracy and weapons charges.

Shmurda’s longtime friend/collaborator Rowdy Rebel thinks the “Hot N####” hitmaker is likely to be released in the coming days. Rowdy recently wrote on Instagram, “SIX DAYS LEFT. Then all the joy gone wash away the pain, I promise you brother.”

Will Bobby be out in time to make an appearance at one of the biggest Hip Hop events in New York City? During an interview with Hot 97, Rowdy was asked about his Brooklyn-based crew possibly hitting the stage at Summer Jam 2021.

“Why wouldn’t we turn up for y’all?” responded Rowdy. “We definitely gonna show up to Summer Jam. I normally wouldn’t speak on my brother’s behalf, but I know my brother ain’t gonna miss Summer Jam. Certain things are just mandatory… and Summer Jam is mandatory.”

In addition, Bobby Shmurda’s mother seems to believe her son is on his way out of New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in the near future. Leslie Pollard told TMZ that Shmurda is excited about exiting prison and entering a recording booth to make new music.