Run These Jewels: Killer Mike Intros Bernie Sanders In ATL

Killer Mike Killed It!

Earlier today, Killer Mike took Bernie Sanders to lunch in Atlanta and then at night the rapper/activist introduced the presidential candidate at a rally in the city.

The pair made headlines as they dined at Busy Bee’s in downtown Atlanta and took a few photo ops of the affair.
Social media was abuzz as Killer Mike introduced Sanders Monday night. The rap artist has been vocal in his support of the progressive Democrat and equally vocal about supporting legacy politicians.

“If you line up his political campaign next to the words of Jesus H. Christ it lines up, it lines up,” Killer Mike said, according to the Washington Post’s John Wagner.

Killer Mike also gave some insight on what he and the Vermont state senator talked about. The ATL native said, “Wanna know what Sen. Sanders and I talked about at lunch. MLK, his war on Poverty & war plus unions & the grand fight against the ruling class.”

The accolades came rolling in through Twitter and social media:

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