Judge Dismisses Sampling Lawsuit Against Jay Z For 'Run This Town'


The lawsuit that was brought against Jay Z for using the “Oh”  from Eddie Bo’s “Hook & Sling Part 1” for the track “Run This Town” has reportedly been dismissed.

Tuf America, a copyright administration company, filed a copyright lawsuit against Jay Z last year for using the tiny piece of the deceased Bo’s  funk single without any permission.

“‘Run This Town” bears very little and perhaps no similarity at all to “Hook & Sling Part 1,” said Judge Lewis Kaplan in a 15-page decision. “The melody and lyrics are entirely different. The lyrics do not contain the word ‘oh’. The word ‘oh’ is a single and commonplace word. Standing alone, it likely is not deserving of copyright protection.”

Tuf America has only filed copyright lawsuits against Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Christina Aguilera and the Beastie Boys in the past.