Russ Illustrates Why DaBaby Isn’t Being Blackballed


DaBaby said he’s getting blackballed after his ‘Baby on Baby 2’ album didn’t sell well, but Russ refuted the claims.

Russ doesn’t believe a famous artist like DaBaby can be blackballed.

DaBaby claimed he’s being blackballed based on the underwhelming sales of his Baby on Baby 2 album. Russ explained why he disagreed in a Twitter post on Monday (October 3).

“No artist is ‘blackballed,’” Russ wrote. “Unless they cut off your Wi-Fi, remove your social media accounts and take your music off all the streaming platforms, you are not blackballed.”

He continued, “If you are famous and can still tell your fans ‘hey I’m putting out music’ then you’re not blackballed. Fans will listen to your music or they won’t. It’s that simple. Also if you are a famous artist and you NEED playlists in order for people to listen to your music, how real are your fans? Why don’t they support you regardless?”

Russ didn’t mention DaBaby by name. The independent rapper downplayed playlists while championing the importance of a loyal fan base.

“We’re giving too much credit and power to the DSPs and not enough power to us (the artists) and the fans,” Russ wrote. “I know for me, as long as I can tell my fans I’m puttin out music, I’m straight. I’m not entitled to any playlists nor do I NEED them for my fans to listen to me. That’s why they’re my….FANS.”

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