Russell Simmons Reveals Hip-Hop Pioneer Eddie Cheeba Has Been Hospitalized

The Godfather of Hip-Hop calls for the culture to pause and send warm thoughts to one of the pioneers in the culture.

Russell Simmons is calling for the Hip-Hop community to send prayers to one of the culture’s earliest pioneers Eddie Cheeba. previously introduced a new generation to the Harlem DJ on the brink of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.

Two months later, Cheeba is in need of positive energy. As Simmons, Def Jam Recordings’ co-founder and Cheeba’s former manager, celebrated his 66th birthday on Wednesday (October 4), he took to Instagram to solicit prayers, writing a lengthy caption dedicated to his friend’s speedy recovery.

“PRAYERS UP The great Eddie Cheeba is in the hospital,” he wrote. He then gave his own history lesson on why Cheeba should be honored. First, he talked about the extraordinary star power that Cheeba, DJ Hollywood and Love Bug Starski had, adding a tip about club promotion in the early days, “If you got all 3 the number of tickets would skyrocket and you could also pay the bar guarantee.”

“They were the rap STARS,” Simmons declared. “And the biggest money makers and draws. As a promoter who worked all the boroughs (except Staten Island), THIS IS THE FACT. THE ONLY OTHER DRAW OF THIS MAGNITUDE WAS GRANDMASTER FLASH AND He had a younger crowd ALMOST EVER-TIME I BOOKED HIM… IT WAS SHOOT OUT.”

He challenged the younger press to go to “The Bronx of Harlem” to “ask any 65-70 year old” about their impact. He added, “The history is the history. Misrepresentation of it is criminal.”

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