RZA Links With LeBron James And Calm To Promote Meditation


RZA will score a new “sleep story” narrated by LeBron James to help people meditate properly instead of medicating!

Wu-Tang Clan founder and filmmaker RZA has become the latest celebrity to partner with bosses at the mindfulness app Calm.

The rap icon and meditation and wellbeing convert will score a 34-minute sleep story titled “King of the Sleeping City,” which LeBron James has narrated.

RZA hopes fans use his new music to meditate, insisting zen-like relaxation “is better than medication.”

He turns to walking whenever he needs to get his thoughts straight, revealing neighborhood hikes help balance out his busy schedule when he’s working through the night on music and films.

“A lot of equations I had to figure out in life came to me through long walks,” he told Rolling Stone. “There was a point when people thought I was bugged-out… I’d walk (on) Staten Island. I’d walk through all the neighborhoods, and people would look at me and think I was talking to myself and s###. But I was contemplating. I was calculating.”

In “King of the Sleeping City,” he was tasked with creating the chill soundtrack to a story about a city kid who finds solace and calm on a seventh-story fire escape.