S.W.A.T Team Raids Famous Dex’s House Over Semi-Automatic Weapon

Famous Dex

Rapper Famous Dex has found himself in some serious trouble after an argument with his ex-girlfriend became violent.

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The cops in Los Angeles are looking for rapper Famous Dex, and he could be in some big trouble. 

The police went to Famous Dex’s house in Los Angeles, after being called to the residence over a domestic violence claim. According to reports, Dex was involved in an argument with his ex-girlfriend, which turned physical. 

The cops who arrived on the scene were aware of several social media posts Famous Dex made over the weekend, showcasing himself smoking weed while holding a Tec-9 semi-automatic weapon.   

A S.W.A.T team was called in for backup, and they busted into Famous Dex’s house, but soon realized the rap star was not in the residence. According to reports, the police are looking for him to question Famous Dex over the domestic violence claims.

Over the weekend, it appeared Famous Dex was heading for trouble and fellow rapper NLE Choppa made his opinion known when he called out the rapper’s label, 300 Ent.


According to NLE Choppa, Famous Dex has become addicted to drugs and he urged honcho’s at the imprint to do something about it.

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During an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, Famous Dex denied he was still on drugs, but admitted he was once addicted to lean.

“I stopped when I stopped. I mean, nothing’s easy when you’re doing something for so long, especially when it becomes a habit,” Famous Dex told AllHipHop.com. “You’re not holding science, I’m not a fiend for it. You are who you hang around, I’m around the right people who are telling me that’s not the right thing to do.”