Samuel L. Jackson Furious Swearing On Screen Record Went To These Actors

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is upset that he doesn’t hold the record for most swearing in movies. Guess who holds the record! Read more.

Samuel L. Jackson can’t believe he doesn’t hold the record for the “most swearing” onscreen.

During an interview for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, host Fallon pointed out that the “Pulp Fiction” actor placed third on Buzz Bingo’s list of the Most Swear Words in Movie History behind Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“That’s some b#######,” he exclaimed. “I mean, no. No way, man. Jonah Hill, really? Then Leo. I don’t believe that. Someone has miscounted.”

Jackson went on to ask whether the list referred to all curse words or one specific expletive in particular.

“(If it was) specific…,” he mused, to which Fallon replied, “You’d be the champ!”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jackson cleared up some rumours circulating about him on the Internet.

Fallon asked whether it was true that the star once beat Tiger Woods during a round of golf, and Jackson confessed it was accurate.

“Complete accident. The first time I ever played St Andrews (in Scotland), they paired me with him in what was the Dunhill golf tournament. I was a 16 so they gave me my 16 shots and I shot 78 because he said, ‘Follow me,’ and I stayed as close to him as I could. Which means I beat him by about eight strokes,” the 73-year-old smiled.