Sara Molina And Her Mom Trash Tekashi 69 And Jade Over Babies Safety Concerns

Sara Molina

Sara Molina and her mother flipped out on Tekashi 69 during a post on Instagram live. 

Tekashi 69’s feud with a variety of rappers has turned into beef between the mother of his children.

For the past several days, Sara Molina and Sarah “Jade” Wattley have been going back and forth over the security risks being presented to both of them over their past – and present relationship with the controversial rapper. 

Sara Molina says not only has Tekashi 69 has completely abandoned their 5-year-old daughter Saraiyah, but his reckless behavior has also put the child at risk. 

In just the last two weeks, Tekashi 69 had a high-profile encounter with rapper Meek Mill in Miami, for labeling him a “rat” in previous posts. 

Tekashi 69 also got into it with a customer at a restaurant in the city a few days later.

And, on that same day Tekashi 69, continued his disrespect deceased rapper King Von, who was shot and killed during a dispute with associates of Savannah, Georgia rapper Quando Rondo in November of 2020.

Tekashi 69’s consistent disrespect of King Von prompted 600Breezy to join in on the live conversation, where he promised his rival he was going to die. 

Remember, Tekashi 69 testified against the top leadership of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, in order to receive a reduced sentence over a 2018 RICO conspiracy case with the gang. 

One of the crimes Tekashi 69 was accused of committing was ordering a $20,000 hit/shooting on Lil Durk’s close friend, Chief Keef in Times Square back in June of 2018.

And, as AllHipHop reported, an inmate inside of a New York prison has been repeatedly targeted for assaults because inmates mistakenly believe he’s Tekashi 69’s brother.

To sum it up, Sara Molina, who ended her relationship with Tekashi 69 in 2015, has a right to be concerned. 

Especially since unknown actors have been issuing her threats, in the mistaken belief that she is still Tekashi 69’s girlfriend. Problem is, Tekashi 69 started dating Jade in 2015, just as he split with Sara.  

Earlier this week things blew up when Sara’s mom contacted Jade and sent her a threatening message on Instagram.

Jade blasts Sara Molina and her Mom over Tekashi 69 on Instagram
Jade blasts Sara Molina and her Mom over Tekashi 69 on Instagram

“This s### is disgusting coming from a quote on quote “grandmother/mother speaking on a child. Let me make something VERY CLEAR @myworld__i you better watch your f###### mouth when it comes to my child idgaf what you say about me but my daughter is other story. I don’t send threats on the Internet. You and your daughter @iamsaramolina watch what the f### y’all say. I’m not Danny take that s### up with him I don’t do this back and fourth Internet s### I’ll see you or who ever off the Internet don’t f###### play with me! I let y’all talk y’all s### about me all y’all want y’all ain’t gonna do s### but you speak on my child now you got a bigger problem now,” Jade told both women. 

Yesterday evening, Sara and her mother issued fiery responses to Jade. They accused Jade of encouraging Tekashi 69 to beef with other rappers and that she put the “battery” in his back. 

“Let me tell you something b####, the only reason my mom said something is cause you wanna be walking around with him and you gonna put yourself in danger but that s### comes to us like I’m the one with him,” Jade snapped. “You think that s### is cute that he’s walking around beefing with Internet n#####, risking his life. What yall don’t see is all the problems, cause yall got all the security. Yall aint f###### invincible. I don’t walk around with security unlike you and your daughter. He cares for you and your daughter more than my daughter.” 

During a previous interview with AllHipHop, Sara claimed her child only knew her dad Tekashi 69 as “friend,” while blasting him for his lack of relationship with the child.

“If he’s not making his presence known, then that’s on him. You now? If she knows you’re a familiar face, but don’t know you’re dad and is calling you her “friend,” that’s kind of sad,” Sara Molina told “You can be as great as a superstar and you can be all these things to everybody else in the world. You can do great at what you do. Great at trolling and marketing. Great at coloring your f##king hair, but you can’t be a great dad and that’s, you know, it’s unfortunate. And it sucks.