Saweetie Explains Why She Never Violated Her “Morals” When She Was Broke


Saweetie sat down for an interview to explain how she refuses to compromise on her way to the top!

Rising rapper Saweetie has no problem rejecting lucrative offers in order to maintain her morals and integrity.

The “Tap In” hitmaker recalled a time when she was given the chance to make some big money, but it required her to “violate” her values, and she was unwilling to compromise them.

She shared: “When you are a young woman in L.A., sometimes you’re put in situations that can help you financially but will take a jab at your soul, your body.

“I remember basically just having the opportunity to get some money, but in doing so I would have violated my morals and my values. I was broke but I was like, I will never do anything to disrespect myself… no matter how desperate I get.”

Saweetie stopped short of sharing specifics about the situation, but told Teen Vogue: “That’s a story within itself, but I think it was a moment where I was like, ‘It’s OK. You’ll eventually get what you want out of life as long as you’re praying and working hard.'”

Now things are on the up and up for the rapper, who split from Migos star Quavo earlier this year, and she is optimistic about the future after settling into a new home.

“I just got a new place. I feel refreshed. I feel like it’s a new chapter. I just want to be a good person and help people while being a pretty ass b####,” she smiled.