Saweetie Turns The Internet Into A “Warzone” With Jaw-Dropping Pics

Saweetie Turns The Internet Into A "Warzone" With Jaw-Dropping Pics

Check out these sexy pictures of rapper Saweetie!

Rap star Saweetie shut down the internet over the weekend, with some jaw-dropping photos.

Saweetie showed off some sexy looks to promote Call Of Duty’s free-to-play game “Warzone.” She is part of a new campaign that just launched called “Squad up the World,” which was directed by young visionary Gibson Hazard.

“I loved the experience on set. I’ve always been around gaming but some of my recent collabs and other gamers got me even more interested in checking it out myself,” Saweetie explained. “This was my first Call of Duty game and it was harder than I expected. I loved it, I’m competitive about everything so when a challenge comes my way, it’s a wrap – I’m there until I master it.”

In addition to Saweetie, the campaign features influencers like Jack Harlow, Druski, AJ Tracey, Young Thug, Swae Lee, and Gunna.

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“This film was an excellent experience. I got a chance to tap into my acting bag a bit, and did some stunts for the first time. Having my good friend Druski starring alongside me made the whole thing even better,” rapper Jack Harlow said. “That dude is one of the funniest people on Earth. I’ve seen Gibson’s come up over the last couple of years and I’m a fan. He has a great vision and it was fascinating to work with him. I gotta say the best part of all this was sharing the whole experience with my best friend & roommate, Urban, who was on set and got to be there for the entirety of the shoot. He is a COD fanatic. It was also a really dope moment for my boys back home to see me in a COD film because they’ve all been playing COD for years.”