Scarface Forces Run-Off In Bid For Houston City Council

Scarface could be calling the shots as Houston’s newest City Council member this December.

(AllHipHop News) Houston rapper Scarface is in the running become the next member of Houston City Council.

Back in June, Scarface revealed he was going to run so he could represent District D.

Earlier this week, residents voted for candidates running to fill one of 15 spots.

Scarface, real name Bradley Jordan, ran against Carolyn Evans-Shabazz and Carla Brailey.

Carolyn Evans-Shabazz is currently the front runner, but Scarface and Brailey managed to snag 12% of the votes.

Scarface is celebrating because the percentage is enough to force a run-off with Carolyn Evans-Shabazz.

Voters in Houston will head to the polls in December to make the final decision.

Scarface is hoping he can amass enough votes to be the next member of Houston City Council.