Scarface On Police Brutality: “I Feel Like We’re Being Hunted” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Southern rap legend Scarface has been making the media rounds to promote his new book Diary of a Madman. The Geto Boys frontman stopped by HuffPost Live, and during the interview he was asked about the highly publicized rash of police brutality cases across the country.

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“I feel like we’re being hunted, you know? And yeah, I’m not cool with it. It’s like the society believes what the officers say, and he’s got way more of a reason to lie than we do, than I do,” said Scarface. “You killed that man. And he don’t even get a day in court. Not that the judicial system is set up for us to benefit from in any f*cking way. You’re dead on both sides. You are.”

Face goes on to talk about the definition of racism and what he sees as the injustice of the American system. He gets emotional when discussing police officers often claiming a suspect reached for the cop’s weapon as an excuse to use deadly force.

“Don’t get me started. You know G####### well we ain’t gonna reach for no motherf*cking police officer’s gun,” added Scarface. “That sh*t makes me mad. That’s a f*cking lie!”

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Watch Scarface’s interview below.