The School That Taught Rapper Tupac How To Act Needs Money Too


(AllHipHop News) The Baltimore Public School system is in danger of losing thousands of teachers, thanks to a budget deficit.

One of the schools in the system that will be hard hit is rather famous since it is the school that taught Tupac Shakur how to hone his artistic ability as a rapper and actor.

The Baltimore School for the Arts, which also includes actress Jada Pinkett-Smith as an alum, is seeking fiscal help in order to fill a hole in a budget that hasn’t even been passed yet.

The Baltimore School for the Arts has over 400 students enrolled and is one of the many schools awaiting the passage of a $180 million budget bill, which is winding its way through Congress.

“Watching people play politics with the education and lives of children is infuriating, and reduced funding would be devastating for the city,” said actor and alumni Josh Charles, who is leading a social media campaign to raise up awareness.

For now, The Baltimore School for the Arts stands to lose about $1.4 million this year alone.

A social media hashtag #fixthegap has been launched, in hopes of getting Governor Larry Hogan’s attention to help speed the bill through.