Schoolboy Q Releases Trailer For Upcoming Album Blank Face LP


(AllHipHopNews) Rapper Schoolboy Q recently released the trailer for his upcoming album release Blank Face LP.

The visuals feature Schoolboy and friends having a normal day in the life in their South Central, Los Angeles neighborhood until they run into some major trouble with the law.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve by staying silent, but someone’s going away for this thing,”says a law enforcement officer to Schoolboy Q as he and his friends are held in custody for interrogation.

The visuals are accompanied by a very catchy song by Schoolboy Q in the backdrop that is presumably one of the tracks to be featured on the upcoming album.

Last week, School Boy Q generated a lot of buzz for the album after he faked out bloggers big time with his Crying Jordan meme inspired artwork before revealing the true artwork for the project.

The previously released song “Groovy Tony” and the Kanye West featuring track “That Part” are both set to be featured on the album, which is due for a July 8 release.

Check out the trailer for the project below.