Sean Combs AKA “Love” Reveals The Gift He Buys Every Week To Feel Good


Love takes his mental health seriously, so he buys himself an interesting gift every week. 

Sean “Love” Combs is one of the most esteemed entrepreneurs in all of business – period.

The mogul, who has acknowledged that he only sleeps about four hours a night, still takes his mental health seriously, after some traumatic events on the road to fortune and fame. 

He lost his friend Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace in a drive-by shooting back in 1997, which remains unsolved.

Shortly after Biggie’s death, Combs was involved in his high-profile legal drama over a shootout inside of a New York City nightclub, where he was facing decades in prison. 

Thanks to the legal skills of Johnnie Cochran, Combs beat the case and took his Bad Boy label to new heights with artists like Mase, Faith Evans, The Lox, Carl Thomas, and numerous others. Combs hit pay dirt when he launched his clothing line Sean John in 1998, as well as his liquor brand CIROC, in 2007.

There’s no doubt that an immense amount of stress and pressure comes along with running a billion-dollar business empire – in addition to being a great father to his six children. 

More recently, “Love” admitted he had fallen into a deep depression before the death of his long-time partner, Kim Porter who unexpectedly passed away in November of 2018.

Since Kim’s death, Combs, formerly known as Diddy, has undergone another transformation. He legally changed his middle name to “Love” in January of 2020, and self-care has become his number one priority.

Love, who is known to share nothing but positive affirmations on his social media accounts, revealed another trick He uses to keep his spirits high.

“Every Friday, I buy myself some balloons to makes sure that I stay happy,” Sean “Love” Combs revealed. “Because happiness is a choice. So whatever that is for you, you don’t have to buy yourself something, but always remember on a Friday, or a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, give yourself that reminder – be happy.”

After almost four decades in the music business, Love is still going strong.

His brand CIROC recently launched a limited edition spirit drink, called Summer Citrus, while his “Our Fair Share” initiative has assisted hundreds of minority-owned companies in getting access to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans to make it through the pandemic.

Yesterday, Combs made headlines when he appeared as a hologram at his son Christian’s 23rd birthday, with celebrities like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and others in attendance.