Sean Kingston Says Nine People Jumped Him During Fight With Migos


(AllHipHop News) Sean Kingston is speaking out on the alleged violent incident in Las Vegas involving the Atlanta rap group Migos.

The singer shared his side of the story with 8 News Now.

“You can see my face. There was no beat down. It was none of that. It was a jump, but it wasn’t a jump,” stated Kingston.

According to Kingston, nine people – including members of the Migos – approached him and three other people after leaving the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

“We went out there thinking we were going to have a conversation,” Kingston added. “They FaceTimed me, ‘Yo, come outside let’s talk like men. I miss you. Let’s chalk it up.'”

He continued, “As soon as I went outside it was no talking. They just started jumping on me and throwing punches. I didn’t have a chance to put my set up. I didn’t have a chance to do nothing.”

Kingston claimed he does not know the actual reason Migos’ entourage supposedly attacked him, but he mentioned his association with Soulja Boy.

“I’m hearing different stories,” added the “Beat It” performer. “I’m hearing it has something to do with Soulja Boy.  He was at my house. I said something in a video they didn’t like.”

Soulja Boy and Quavo of the Migos were involved in a public feud.

Kingston’s friend Moses “Bo-Jack” Johnson reportedly fired at least one shot into the air in order to get the attackers to stop the assault.

However, Bo-Jack was taken into police custody.

He is facing multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.