Serius Jones Takes A Plea Deal For Pimping

serius jones

One-time battle rap god Serious Jones is looking at prison time after he admitted to pimping in California.

While battle rap pioneer Murda Mook has proven that as a legacy artist, his emceeing prowess can still rock with this current batch of competitors, one of his former opponents, Serious Jones will probably not see the stage for a few more years.

And that has nothing to do with COVID-19 or his demand.

Recently, the New Jersey rapper has pleaded guilty to charges of pimping, dissuading a witness, and assault.

Rapper Serius Jones takes plea deal to pimping charge, eligible for release in nine months

stated that the one time SMACK/DVD and URL influencer, whose real name is Saleem Bligen, has cooperated with the prosecution to get a lesser sentence.

In return, they dropped his trafficking allegations. By pleading guilty, he may be hit with a 3 year-sentence, an order to pay $6,000 in restitution, and must stay away from the victim for 10 years.

Serius Jones was charged and arrested at the top of the year, when a Jane Doe accused him of “willfully and unlawfully depriv[ing] and/or violate [her] personal liberty” by “forcing her into prostitution” from July 31st and October 15th, 2019. She also claimed that he assaulted her “by means likely to produce great bodily injury.”

At first, he denied it.

After all, he had battled both Mike P for URL and Math Hoffa with RBE during this time and allegedly received for his service a respectable bag. Why would he need to pimp??? He is top tier, right?

Now, he admits to being embarrassed by his actions.

“I would never force a woman to do anything against her will. That’s not what I was raised as.” Jones said. “I’m sorry to my fans, I’m sorry to those who look at this like a disappointment. No one’s more disappointed than me.”

Jones eventually came to terms with what got him where he is … not his barbershop … not the evils of battle rap … not beef on the street … but something that originated in his gut.

“For me to be real with myself, I wasn’t living the most righteous life that I could live…even though my intentions were good, the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Serius Jones said.

One of the first big names out of Jersey, he is sure to be kicking himself as names like Tsu Surf, Arsonal, O Red, and Shotgun Suge (folk who started with him) are thriving in their careers and probably looking at Nu Jerzey Twork and Holmzie da God as young vipers erasing his name. He probably is also not pleased to see Mook still winning a decade after their first tango.

Wonder who now “can’t even get in the game for a slave deal?”