Sexyy Red Says The Hood Loves Donald Trump: “We Need Him Back In Office” 

Sexyy Red Donald Trump

Proud Donald Trump fan Sexyy Red claims he won the hood over by pardoning Black prisoners and dishing out stimulus checks.  

Sexyy Red has revealed she’s a big Donald Trump fan and wants the controversial former president back in office. 

The St. Louis rapper opened up about her love for Trump, who is campaigning to return to the White House, despite facing felony charges in four criminal cases in Washington, New York, Florida and Georgia.  

On Tuesday (October 3), the “SkeeYee” hitmaker opened up about Trump after being asked about other sexy reds during an episode of the This Past Weekend podcast. According to Sexyy Red, Donald Trump has a lot of backing from the hood.  

“I like Trump,” Sexyy Red began. “Yeah, they support him in the hood. At first I don’t think people was f###### with him. They thought he was racist, saying little s### against women.” 

However, Sexyy Red claims that Trump turned the tables once he began dishing out stimulus checks and pardoning Black prisoners.  

“But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people that free money,” she added. “Awe, baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office. We need him back, because, baby, them checks. Ooh yes, them stimulus checks. Trump, we miss you.” 

She continued, “I love Trump, he funny to me. I used to watch him talking to people. He used to be calling people fat,’ she said before adding, “He just bold. He funny. We need people like him.”  Check out the episode below.

Donald Trump granted clemency to Kodak Black and Lil Wayne, among others, in one of the ex-president’s final acts before leaving office in 2020. 

“I Want To Thank The President @RealDonaldTrump For His Commitment To Justice Reform And Shortening My Sentence,” Black wrote on X (formerly Twitter) following his release. “I Also Want To Thank Everyone For Their Support And Love. It Means More Than You Will Ever Know. I Want To Continue Giving Back, Learning And Growing.”