Sexyy Red Reacts To Deadly Shooting Near Her Video Set: “Don’t Try To Twist Narratives”

Sexyy Red

Gunfire erupted near Sexyy Red’s video shoot in Florida, leaving one person dead and another victim in the hospital.

Sexyy Red did not want anyone to blame her for a deadly shooting, which occurred near her video set in Florida on Thursday night (September 14). The up-and-coming rapper clarified what happened in a series of Instagram Stories posts.

“I send my condolences to the family of the man who lost his life and prayers up for the person who was wounded,” Sexyy Red wrote. “But I gotta address the rumors that it happened at my video shoot bc s### is not true, at all. To be clear it happened at a gas station across the street from my video set. Florida Highway Patrol and Broward County Sheriff confirmed that the shooting wasn’t on my set.”

Two people were shot near the Oakland Park Flea Market where Sexyy Red was filming a music video. One of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene. The other was hospitalized.

Sexyy Red insisted the shooting had nothing to do with her filming a music video. Detectives are investigating to see if there was any connection.

“I’m just trying to work hard, make good music, connect with my fans,” she wrote. “Please don’t try to twist narratives and put this on a b####.”

According to Sexyy Redd, her team obtained all the proper paperwork and worked with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to have off-duty officers on the set. She said everyone involved in the video was unharmed.