Sexyy Red Reveals She Doesn’t Use Condoms: “I’m The Raw Dog Queen” 

Sexyy Red - SkeeYee

Sexyy Red shared some intimate details about her bedroom antics during an appearance on Lil Yachty’s “A Safe Space” podcast.

Sexyy Red is unashamedly upfront with her fans and is as graphic in her interviews as she is in her music. 

So naturally, the “Pound Town” hitmaker didn’t hold back when she dropped by Lil Yachty’s A Safe Space podcast. Sexyy Red recalled a time when a friend and her partner got busy on her couch and left a condom behind in the trash bin.  

However, her boyfriend discovered the condom and called the next day, asking for an explanation. “That wasn’t my condom. I don’t use condoms baby,” she told her boyfriend at the time before adding, “I’m the raw dog queen.” Check out the clip below and watch the interview at the end of the page.

Sexy Red Reveals Her Craziest Lyric Is About Contracting An STD

Her revelation that she does not practice safe sex could explain why she has contracted chlamydia on more than one occasion. She made the admission during an appearance on the Lip Service podcast in June when asked about her craziest lyric.  

“Damn this n#### burnt me/P#### like a cig,” Sexyy Red replied before revealing the situation behind it.  

“I had chlamydia before twice,” she stated, explaining that she hooked up with an ex after breaking up.  

“I went and did me, and he did him. And then we missed each other, came back together. [And] something wasn’t right,” she added. “We both was like, ‘What the f### is that smell?’ And we went to the doctor together and yup… We still don’t know who did it.” 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday (August 9), Sexyy Red dropped off a new music video for her Hood Hottest Princess track, “I’m The Sh*t.” 

She pokes fun at conservative commentator Ben Shapiro in the video after he blasted her breakout hit “Pound Town,” earlier this year. Sexyy red intros the video with his sarcastic quote “one of the great pieces of art in the history of Western civilization.”