Sexyy Red Says NLE Choppa Dog Walking Her & Sukihana Was Her Idea

NLE Choppa Sexxy Red Sukihana

NLE Choppa grabbed Sexyy Red and Sukihana by the hair in the controversial visual for his “S### Me Out” remix.

NLE Choppa faced backlash for his “S### Me Out” remix video, but Sexyy Red claimed he shouldn’t receive any blame for the controversial visual.

Sexyy Red said she told NLE Choppa to dog walk her and Sukihana by their hair in an interview with Bootleg Kev. Sexyy Red defended NLE Choppa and criticized anyone who was outraged by the visual.

“Y’all lame and wrong for that,” she told Bootleg Kev. “He didn’t do nothing wrong. They so lame. I ain’t understand. But he really didn’t do nothing wrong. He was just doing what I told him.”

She explained, “We was on our knees twerking then I just said, ‘Pull my hair.’ S###, pull my hair. We gon’ twerk and walk. S###, people get their hair pulled all the time … That’s why I didn’t understand [the backlash].”

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Lil Mama was among the notable people who spoke out against NLE Choppa dog walking Sexyy Red and Sukihana. Lil Mama called it a “disturbing” visual and argued with Sukihana on social media.

NLE Choppa released the video for his “S### Me Out” remix in April. The original version of the song dropped in 2022.

Listen to Sexyy Red’s reaction to the backlash below.