Sha Money XL Explains Why Epic Records Didn’t Do More To Help Bobby Shmurda (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda has been locked in jail ever since his arrest in December of 2014. The “Hot N*gga” rhymer’s bail was set at $2 million for numerous charges including gang conspiracy, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment.

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Early on there was speculation Shmurda’s label, Epic Records, would post bail for the young performer, but that never happened. Bobby, his entertainment lawyer Matthew Middleton, and fellow NYC representative 50 Cent complained that Epic should have done more to help their artist.

Sha Money XL was responsible for bringing Shmurda to Epic. The longtime associate of 50 spoke with Revolt on why the label has not bailed out Bobby.

“With 50, he bailed out [Young] Buck and helped [Tony] Yayo all the time. Those are the boutique labels, where you got that brother that’s there that feels compassion and could do things that’s not as corporate,” said Sha. “It’s not like a social worker. They’re not here to worry about what happens in your private life. Those are the choices you make in your private life.”

Sha went on to add that the label’s job is to take the artist to the next level, not pay for the performer’s legal fees. He also made it clear he does not feel Epic is responsible for the rapper’s actions.

“The company did help. Was it enough? Was it what they would call enough? I couldn’t say that,” stated Sha. “They did a lot. More than I’ve seen others do. I would like to say it’s not their fault. They shouldn’t be to blame.”

Bobby Shmurda’s trial begins June 25.

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Watch Sha Money XL’s interview below.