SHE GOT MOTION! Pliés Can’t Get Enough Of Britney Spears

2000s pop star dancing up a storm because she might have something cooking for her fans!

Pliés seems to want Britney Spears to give it to him one more time.


The rapper was so tickled by the former pop star’s dance moves on social media that he kept playing her video over… and over … and over again.

The first thing that fascinated the rapper was her itty bitty panties. He tweeted, “Who Make Them Little Drawers Brittney Spears Be Having On????”

Then he screenshotted that tweet and asked, “Where A Bih At?? #Plies #IGotMotion.”

In a follow-up post, he wrote in a caption, “Her Drawls Be Everything To Me!! Look How She Wear’em They Be Sagging Like She Ain’t Finish Put’em On!!! I Luv Dis Sh*t!!! #Plies #IGotMotion.” The crazy thing about the picture he screen-grabbed for the post is that the fit 41-year-old’s camo underwear was dental floss small.

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The third Instagram post about the “Ooops … I Did It Again” singer was of him giggling and watching her dance.

Pliés could not stop laughing and said, “She takes me out every time.” He captioned the video with “That Damn Britt Back Again Looking Like A “Fruit Rollup” This Time Bih!!! Watch When She Walk Off & Turn Aroun On Y’all F*ck Azz!!!! I Can Watch This Sh*t All Day!!  #Plies #IGotMotion.”

Little did the rapper know, the singer is getting ready for a comeback for real.

On Thursday, July 26, she wrote, “A tease for a little project on the way !!!!!! Whose readyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! Had to do the yyyyyyyy because for some reason my sister does that on her gram !!!!!! Love y’all !!!”

Rumors say that she and her sister Jamie Lee Spears will also be on the track together.